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November 2023

Academic Standards 

2.3 GPA, 16 Core Courses and 10/7


Are your student-athletes ready to compete? It takes more than talent on the field! The NCAA Eligibility Center calculates your athletes' core-course grade-point average based only on the grades they earn in NCAA-approved core courses.
Division I requires a minimum 2.3 GPA.
Division II requires a minimum 2.2 GPA.


Do your student-athletes know the requirements to be eligible to compete? For Divisions I and II, your student-athletes must complete a total of 16 NCAA-approved core courses to be eligible to play their sport at the collegiate level. Divisions I and II have different core-course requirements. Click here for a resource you can share with your students to help ensure they are on track with these core-course requirements. 


Is your student-athlete being recruited by a Division I school? To study and compete at a Division I school, your student-athletes must complete 10 of their 16 core courses (including seven in English, math or science) before the start of their seventh semester. (International student-athletes don't have this requirement.) Click here for Division II requirements. 


NFHS/NCAA Course on Initial Eligibility Released

The National Federation of High School State Associations (NFHS) partnered with the NCAA Eligibility Center to develop and produce an online initial-eligibility course designed to assist coaches and the high school community on helping their student-athletes and families with the NCAA registration and certification process, as well as the academic standards needed to study and participate at an NCAA Division I or II college. Our goal is to increase awareness with those that assist students and families in their dream of studying and competing in college sports. Be sure to forward this link to other coaches and athletic directors.


Student-Athlete Timeline: Steps for Each Year

Knowing what your student-athletes need to do each year (starting in ninth grade) can go a long way toward helping them achieve their dreams. 



Grade 9: Register


Grade 10: Plan

  • If they’re being actively recruited by an NCAA school and have a Profile Page account, remind them to transition it to the required certification account.
  • Encourage them to monitor the task list in their NCAA Eligibility Center account for next steps.
  • At the end of the school year, remind them to ask their high school counselor from each school they attended to upload an official transcript to their Eligibility Center account.
  • If they fall behind academically, help them ask their high school counselor for help finding approved courses they can take.


Grade 11: Study

  • Remind them to ensure their sports participation information is correct in their Eligibility Center account.
  • Help them check with their high school counselor to make sure they're on track to complete the required number of NCAA-approved core courses and graduate on time with their class.
  • At the end of the school year, remind them to ask their high school counselor from each school they have attended to upload an official transcript to their Eligibility Center account.


Grade 12: Graduate 

  • Remind them to Request their final amateurism certification beginning April 1 (fall enrollees) or Oct. 1 (winter/spring enrollees) in their Eligibility Center account at
  • They must apply and be accepted to the NCAA school they plan to attend.
  • Encourage them to complete their final NCAA-approved core courses as they prepare for graduation.
  • After they graduate, remind them to ask their high school counselor to upload their final official transcript with proof of graduation to their Eligibility Center account.


USAB Gold License Registration for 2024


Are you a coach participating in any NCAA-certified basketball events during 2024? If so, you can register or renew your USAB gold license now for the lowest price. 

  1. Click here. Then click "GET LICENSED" or "RENEW."
  2. Once you are registered and logged in, you will be on your account's dashboard. Click “START” (next to BACKGROUND SCREENING) to begin your background screen through Sterling Volunteers.
  3. On your dashboard, select CONTINUE and click "START" to complete the two required courses: Maximizing Your Impact as a Coach and SafeSport.

Contact with any questions regarding your gold license.

Eligibility Center Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Receive questions about the Eligibility Center's process that you can't answer? Visit the Eligibility Center's online FAQ for answers to many of the questions you or your student-athletes may have. This is also a great resource for questions parents, families or other advocates may send your way, including:

Feel free to link our FAQ in your emails, newsletters or other correspondence to your student-athletes/families.  

Overuse Injury Resources 

Athletes are often assumed to be some of the healthiest members of society, yet participation in years of competitive sports can expose them to overuse or overtraining injuries. 

Click here to learn how to minimize those risks for your players and provide them with the best opportunity to enjoy their sport.


The NCAA Sport Science Institute is a leader in providing health and safety resources to college athletes, coaches, athletics administrators and campus partners.


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